my suggestions

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my suggestions

Post  i spec u cry on Mon 15 Sep - 20:50

my suggestions are:

1.get a xat chat box on fomrus
2.try and get every1 on the server to go on teamspeak
3.try adding a bit more staff so theres more staff on at all times
4.try get 35+ people on and stay active
5.get some little commands like ::home and ::help and ::rules
>if you where thing about people doing ::Home in wildy then try and like block in it wildys or somthing


i spec u cry

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Re: my suggestions

Post  Johnny on Tue 16 Sep - 1:30

Xat chat might make the actual post count go down on forums. Pretty much defeats the purpose of the forums.

As for the ::home command it's not needed just buy a teleport book.

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