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Post  I London I on Tue 23 Sep - 1:33

[color:ea76="Red"]Exiled Pkz

Forums: http://exiledpkz.smfforfree3.com/

Client: http://uppit.com/WHYFO2

Server Status: [color:ea76="Lime"]Online!


Click vote please!

Uptime [color:ea76="Lime"]24/7

A bit about server;

- Economy is decent with our set pricelist within the forums.
- Lag Free!
- Mature admins (No Abusive Childeren)
- Fair Rules
- Decent XP Rates (Thieving is slower XP so that more money is earnt when getting 99)
- RARES! - These are bought into the game when a player has enough 'Money, NOT items' to buy the rare of there choice from 1 of the 3 owners (Only players) able to spawn, making a rare. . . actually rare.

Owners / Admins / Mods;

Mods where voted by players themselves, by getting a series of 5 player vote via the forums.

3/3 Owners (Able to spawn, ip ban, mark, tele/to)
1/2 Admins (Able to mark, ban, ip ban, tele/to) - Not open for application, decided by owners.
5/5 Player Mods (Able to mark, ban)

Few pictures;

Signup and get playing ladies & gents!

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