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F R 0 S T Y

Post  Msb Your Ass on Wed 24 Sep - 6:31

I beilive that F R 0 S T Y should be admin, instead of mod.

F R 0 S T Y cares about this server.
I have played this server for around 2 Week's.
And sence I have started, FR0ST has given Hundreds of Millions of CASH AND ITEM'S to NEW player's.
He has obeyed ALL RULES, and enforced them.

He is online daily, He helps peaple daily, He give's daily and he most importantly, CARES daily.
FR0ST is an excellent choice for admin.
He WONT dissapoint you.
Please, atleast consider making him an admin. He well deserves it.
Thank-You, Msb Your Ass.

Msb Your Ass

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Re: F R 0 S T Y

Post  No_Name on Thu 25 Sep - 8:33

Oh really?

I asked him for help and he did nothing.. when that power abusing kid was putting me in jail.

He didn't even respond.

If he can't tell a dipshit to stop abusing, I don't believe he's right for admin. He'd probably do the same thing.

So, gtfo.


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