Whats the point of this thread? Please, Enlighten me.

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Whats the point of this thread? Please, Enlighten me.

Post  No_Name on Wed 24 Sep - 4:23

Well, there's no real point for a thread like this.
The people who post, will just end up talking right out of their ass, making up things, that cannot be proven, yet you trust that person to become a moderator, or admin? Why..
Because they can type a well written paragraph explaining why they deserve it?

That's not the right way of earning the staff position. It should be earned by doing whats right (Following the server rules, Helping others, Ect Ect..), Not by posting an application.
Just think of this as the way Jagex does it, They hand out the position to who they think deserves it the most, not because the person spammed their forums begging them to give him the spot.

So, please, delete this thread, there is no use for it.


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